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Kristen & Ethan

Meeting this couple for the first time was heartwarming; I was so thankful for their willingness to answer some questions and to share a little bit about their story. . .

What is your story? How did you two meet?

- (Kristen explained that the couple met in high school and that their relationship will have lasted for four years, starting in December 2018.)

Do you plan to travel anywhere?

- (Ethan explained that the two of them plan to visit his uncle in Australia.)

Have you traveled with each other before?

- (The couple shared past experiences of their trip to Seattle.)

Did you both choose to attend the University of Northern Colorado in order to be together?

- (The two explained that Ethan had originally chosen to attend UNC, and later, Kristen was accepted into the violin program at UNC. The rest is history!)

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