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“You know, so often it’s just sticking around and being there, remaining there, not swooping out in a cloud of dust: sitting down on the ground with people, letting children look at your camera with their dirty, grimy little hands, and putting their fingers on the lens, and you just let them, because you know that if you will behave in a generous manner, you are apt to receive it, you know?” – Dorothea Lange

     Hi there! I’m Megan (or Meg).


     Family, children, and relationships never cease to inspire me. Where did this inspiration stem from? Well, I am blessed to say I grew up in a family seeking to love and spur one another on to grow closer with our Heavenly Father. My family is near and dear to my heart.


     One of my largest influences is Dorothea Lange, a photographer who sympathized with mothers, fathers, and children (among others) of the Great Depression. Often, my photography comments on everyday life, the endearing intimacy of motherhood, and the imagination and feelings of children. It is capturing the emotion of these everyday relationships that is important to me; I believe Jesus created us to find His love and Spirit through connecting with others.

     Compositionally, I often leave significant parts of the subject out of the frame, beckoning the viewer to engage and envision the rest of the story. Only depicting specific portions of the subject encourages individual interpretation of the story. Narrative is at the core of my work, and connecting with the subjects is crucial to communicating each narrative.

     Are you looking for a photographer who can capture you, your family, or your loved ones in an honest, natural manner? I would be thrilled to learn about your story and to capture moments that you can treasure.

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© 2022 by Megan Elizabeth Photography

Photo by Rebekah Romero Photography

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