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Forwood Homeschool

Brooke Forwood (of Brooke Forwood Photo) will always be a dear friend and one of my biggest inspirations. What a gift it was to have the chance to photograph a homeschool session for her. There is nothing quite like getting to grow up with your clients; I think I like this family photographer thing. 😏


Paige is pursuing theatre and needed some headshots. Recipe for a good time! What a beauty. “A dreamer, I walked, enchanted, and nothing held me back.” ~ ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier

Amanda & Nick are Engaged!

Amanda is a dear childhood friend. We've shared hundreds of laughs, tears, and memories. What a miracle to watch God provide so perfectly the man that her heart has desired all her life. My heart is so happy for you. <3

The Ligouri Family

“There was an old canvas bathing shoe left lying right in the middle of the path. Eli walked around it, staring. Finally, he said, ‘That shoe is all alone, Grandpa.’ I answered that yes it was. He looked at it some more, and then we walked on by. After a bit, he said, ‘Grandpa, that's something I never am.’ I asked him, ‘What's that?’ And he said, ‘Lonesome in my spirits.’” ~ ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’

Kaiah Illustrates & Wessel Anniversary

So thankful and honored to have recently connected with these new friends. Kaiah (of Kaiah Illustrates) is a wonderfully gifted graphic illustrator, who moved from Slovakia to Northern Colorado to start a life with Ryan. Both so willing to collaborate and share time in fellowship, these two are so genuine!

The Kelusky Family

Such a treat spending a little time getting to know this family. In the few hours I shared in their company, I learned Amber and Dan are two of the most nurturing parents I've met. What an adventure sweet little Eli had; within the first few minutes of our session, his feet got ahead of himself, as he fell and bumped his head running. Prayerfully, he recovered quickly and was ready for some more photos a few days later.

The Delorme Family

Debbie, Adam, and their six kids live on one side of a joint home with my grandma and grandpa. Here's a glimpse of homeschool/home life.

Hol the Dancer

My dear sister Hol just finished her first semester of college freshman year. And she’s going to be 19. Love this beauty.

Ben is a Senior!

How sweet it was getting to spend a little time focusing on this handsome guy's growth. All my mind could think was how small he used to be and how strangely and beautifully similar he looks to my brother now. Praying for His joy and peace in your graduating year and forevermore. “[T]hey saw much about Nat that pleased them. [A] sensitive mouth that trembled when a kind glance fell on him; while a gentle speech called up a look of gratitude, very sweet to see.” ~ Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Men’

The Pahlau Family

It's been a gift to reconnect with this dear family lately. Thankful for you guys!

Oli's First Year

It warmed my heart to see two of my former college ministry leaders Colt & Heather again — and to see their precious, new Oli! You two are so special, and I know Oli will be blessed all of his days to have you as parents. ❤️

Hultin Homeschool

I’ve been wanting to photograph homeschool sessions, now that this lifestyle is so prevalent due to current circumstances. So thankful my dear aunt (or “sister”) Anna Hultin, willingly participated in my first Homeschool Session. If you are homeschooling your kids right now and want a tangible way to cherish these unique moments, please feel welcome to contact me! ❤️