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California Update . . .

Hi friends! Now that it has been about three months since I moved from Northern Colorado to Southern California, I wanted to update you on what I am up to in terms of growing this business. <3

For the first month here, I worked for a newborn photography company at a few different hospitals in the Orange County area. Since then, I have switched part-time jobs and have been hired by a local Starbucks (on Irvine and Culver in the city of Irvine) - Please feel free to come visit me, all you Orange County locals! :)

While working here part-time, I will also be pursuing my photography like never before! You guys, I am SO excited. God has blessed me in SO many ways by bringing me to this beautiful, sunny state, and I can hardly wait to get to know the stories of California's people.

SO (haha how many times have I said "so" in this blog post?), if you have been thinking about booking a family, newborn, couple/engagement, or lifestyle session, now is the time!!! This girl is ready and open for businesssssss.


Here are some photos of some SPECTACULAR locations in the Orange County/SoCal area. (I am offering both on-location AND in-home sessions!)

T H O U S A N D S T E P S B E A C H . . .

P E T E R S C A N Y O N . . .

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