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The Apodaca Family

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The Apodaca family is one of those families you can connect with as soon as you meet them. Though I had never met them before, they were just naturally neighborly and inviting. And these KIDS. Meeting these girls was like meeting Barnum's two sweet daughters from The Greatest Showman movie. In fact, this is one of the girls' favorite movies. Gotta love this family . . .

What is your story? How did you two meet?

- Johnathan and Kendra explained that they met in a college study group. (Once Johnathan met Kendra, he was smitten and decided he wanted to study with her much more often.)

- Johnathan stated that "one of the hottest things" about Kendra was the way she interacted with her siblings; she even made chores sound like fun!

Did you two always know that you wanted kids?

- Yes. This couple knew from the moment Kendra accepted Johnathan's hand in marriage that they wanted kids to be a major part of a their lives.

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