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Hello California . . .

Gahhh I can hardly believe I LIVE here. Let me tell you, the whole process has been an adventure. And a rollercoaster of emotions.

Spending last moments with my dear brother Charlie and sisters Maria and Hol, roadtripping with Maria (getting a speeding warning on the way), watching my brother and cousins play at a huge music conference in California, and then finally saying goodbye to the last of my Colorado family have all DEEPLY tugged at my heart. ❤️

Recently, I have completed training as a newborn photographer under a company called Mom365. Learning my way around several hospital facilities as well as boosting my lack of sales experience has been quite the challenge. However, constantly reminding myself and being reminded by my caring grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents that God's plan and timing is far better than my own is just the truth I need to hear right now.

All of this blabbing to say: God's got you. Though you and I may have GRAND PLANS for our lives, HIS PLAN is the only plan that will fill us.

I pray that you, friend, can rest and be at peace, knowing this truth.

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